Allison Stern Jewelry

Allison Stern JewelryAllison Stern’s desire to immerse herself in the world of fine art and architecture led her pursue her studies abroad. After spending several years in Italy, first with the celebrated Rhode Island School of Design program in Rome and later with Syracuse University’s art studies curriculum in Florence, Allison Stern returned to complete her degree in design at UCLA. After a year’s internship with renowned architect Frank Gehry and filled with inspiration, she opened her own design studio in 1986 and set about creating her signature lines of jewelry and accessories.

Her distinctive form of creative expression is both based upon the historical influence of her years in Italy and the influence of Gehry’s seemingly fluid metal structures. Her designs are based on chain mail – a fabric-like network of tiny rings wrought in stainless steel or sterling silver – a material that has drape, texture, strength and movement in combination with striking beauty. Indeed, her distinctive lariat necklace of sterling silver and stainless chain mail with large round cultured pearls adorning its ends has become a contemporary classic.

Allison Stern uses the soft and glowing light of cultured and freshwater pearls as elegant counterpoint — sometimes sparingly to emphasize the beauty and flow of the chain mail, sometimes in clusters or masses to create a new texture upon which the play of light creates an iridescent masterpiece. Allison favors cultured coin pearls, fine quality round pearls and freshwater pearls in various delicate hues. 

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