Boucher Jewelry

Boucher JewelryWhen designer Laura Mady teamed with photographer Ken Cox to create Boucher, their goal was to create simple, yet well-designed pieces for both the everyday and the special occasion. With a degree in jewelry design from the Rochester Institute of Technology, an internship at Tiffany’s and a stint with a Belgian firm that specialized in diamond cutting and grading, Laura was the partner with the eye for unique and distinctive gemstones paired with precious metals. Ken’s photographic skill is well utilized in the attractive Boucher catalog.

Laura has created a style that incorporates meticulously handcrafted feminine and nature-inspired designs. Preferring to work with unusual gemstones such as rubies, opals, blue chalcedony, tanzanite and hessonite garnets in voluptuous organic shapes, freshwater pearls in pale ice-cream hues and precious metals, Laura has even designed a unique line of ear wires that distinguish all her earring masterpieces. Her signature “drops,” the focal point of many of her pieces, are specially cut for the Boucher studio in Hong Kong.

Boucher designs rapidly gained favor with the New York fashionistas and have been featured in New York Magazine, Elle, Time Out New York, Japan Figaro and Variety.

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