Stephanie Hilton Jewelry

Stephanie Hilton JewelryStephanie Hilton’s passion for life has driven her to create the unique and lovely Bojangles Jewelry Collection. Giving pleasure to all who wear them, her stunning pieces are the product of her family’s heritage. Born into a family of jewelers, Stephanie Hilton has always been intrigued by the design of uniquely crafted jewelry that harkens back to her lifetime of memories. Her work is enchanting; her pieces are thrilling works of art.

Containing beads from around the world, each piece is a story. Stephanie Hilton works in cultured pearls, semi-precious stones and hand wrought sterling silver Balinese beads. To each sterling silver toggle, she adds a special “jangle” that can be worn to the side, front, back or be removed — creating a fresh look with each wearing, or changing a look to accent a favorite article of clothing or a special mood.

Stephanie Hilton's collections range from the fun and funky to the striking and romantic. Each piece features its own “new” look and is blessed with an indelible sense of style and sophistication.

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