Jewelry by Akiyo Matsuoka

Jewelry by Akiyo MatsuokaSculptured, dimensional, delicately rendered yet possessing an active spirit - these all describe the delightful designs that spring from the multi-talented mind of Akiyo Matsuoka. Centered on a "symbol" of purity, the cultured Akoya pearl, her pieces are indeed reminiscent of an elegant and simpler life.

Born and raised in Japan where she stayed until the early 1980's, Akiyo Matsuoka explored and nurtured her many interests and talents. Before traveling to New York City to attend the Parsons School of Design, she had already become an accomplished painter and sculptor in addition to making an impact in the Japanese music world as a pianist and composer in a popular band. Similar to her unique approach to the design of elegant adornments.

Akiyo Matsuoka's career as a jewelry designer launched in 1993, when she designed pieces for the Escada 1994 Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections. By 1994, she was honored as a finalist in the Diamonds-International Awards. Soon after, she created her own signature line of distinctive pieces, featuring cultured pearls and semi-precious stones set in sterling silver or 18k gold.

Pearls became the "passion" of her designs. Used as both focal point and punctuation, her designs present the pearl's luster in its most flattering light. Her Melody line features a sleek cascade of silver ending in a single pearl. And pieces in her Ripple collection bring to mind the silvery currents of a stream with pearls as points of light dancing on the water's surface.

Akiyo Matsuoka's creativity and freshness in design through the use of pearl, aquamarine, pink tourmaline and peridot semi-precious stones, appeal to women of style who love simplicity and elegance, and uncomplicated innocence of youth. It's no wonder that her designs have been prominently featured in such fashion publications as Modern Bride, Bridal Guide, Brides and InStyle.

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