Jewelry by Bikakis & Johns

Granulation, repoussée, filigree and chain making are all time-honored jewelry making techniques that continue to live through the elegant work of master goldsmiths and jewelry designers Bikakis and Johns. They excel at applying these delicate processes in the creation of delightful and exquisite necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings - grouped in collections that are inspired by antiquity and jewelry techniques of times past, but styled for the present.

Greek-born Myron Bikakis was heavily influenced by the arts of ancient Greece and Rome. And with an archaeologist for a mother, he was destined to become quite familiar with the arts of the ancient cultures. Continuing his studies in the United States, Bikakis found that many classical techniques were still practiced today, although the results bore little resemblance to the elegant creations worn by Greek and Roman noblewomen.

Mark Johns met Myron Bikakis at New York's Jewelry Arts Institute in 1990, and apprenticed with him for several years before they formed their jewelry design partnership in 1994. In the years since, Bikakis & Johns has created timeless collections of truly outstanding design and craft. Based upon ancient designs, the pair have revived the art of granulation - a technique in which tiny gold spheres are fused onto a gold surface to form intricate patterns and then hand burnished to a rich luster.

Their distinctive touch is seen in every collection. Their Roman collection is named for its use of an ancient Roman stone setting technique. The Etruscan collection of emerald, ruby, sapphire, pink tourmaline and pearl earrings is reminiscent of ancient artifacts from one of the world's most mysterious civilizations. Their Greek collection of distinctive bracelets features designs that were popular several millennia ago. And their granulation technique is used to elegant effect in their Diamond Suite.  

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