Jewelry by Colormasters

Since 1980, Colormasters has built a reputation as a world-renowned purveyor of exceptional colored gemstones and diamonds. Using some of the finest precious gemstones available in the world today, Colormasters has created classically designed rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets that showcase their spectacular color.

For the past six years, Colormasters has filled a niche in the marketplace by manufacturing its own line of classically styled jewelry to showcase its spectacular center stones.

Colormasters’ inspiration is to fashion timeless pieces of jewelry instead of creating a collection based on designer appeal. Imagine finding just one jewel of incomparable color and brilliance. For the task of building a bracelet or necklace, the search may take years to acquire gems that are equal in quality, size and clarity. With this attention to detail, these precious gems are then accented with wonderful and unusual cut diamonds of half-moons, trillions, emerald cuts and other fancy shapes.

All Colormasters' collections are hand crafted in platinum and/or 18k yellow gold to provide a stunning and durable contrast to their vivid gemstones. Colormasters is dedicated to keeping its clientele aware of the most current gemological information available worldwide. Because of this, a certificate of Authenticity accompanies each gemstone in the Signature Collection from a world-renowned independent laboratory. 

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