Jewelry by Chris Correia

Jewelry by Chris CorreiaChris Correia collections are known for their elegance. Her signature design elements present the brilliance of diamonds in a new and inspired light. She achieves a freshness of style not usually encountered in such emblems of convention as bridal sets. A Chris Correia design feels like an heirloom, but its bold appearance makes it now.

Chris Correia's love for the design of fine jewelry has deep and highly trained roots. After all, she inherited her uncle's jeweling tools when she was all of 16. Her craft was honed to its finest edge at the Massachusetts College of Art, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Gemological Institute of Technology. There are few others who have such a deep and thorough understanding (and appreciation) of the power and the passion of diamonds and gems of color.

Chris Correia's designs reflect a relationship with architecture influenced by the forms and colors of nature. Her settings are both structural and sculptural. Her hallmark "stack" rings seem to be mini-marvels of engineering, yet possess certain quality of spontaneity in their mixed and matched metals, finished and gold colors. They can be coordinated with engagement rings, worn in multiples or singly--in essence, allowing the wearer to express themselves. In other collections, she combines the white hot look of platinum with a matte or satin finish, the warmth of polished gold and the exuberant brilliance of a diamond or sparkle of tanzanite or sapphire, impossibly contained in a bezel set with pavé diamonds. In another, she marries the cool luster of pearls with the sudden heat of diamonds.

Chris Correia designs for the way a woman moves--gracefully and sinuously, but with direction and resolve.

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