dk FINDS Jewelry

dk FINDS JewelryDeanna Kay Wander has a delightful way with jewelry. Her creative energies focus on taking the ordinary shapes and hues encountered in everyday life and turning them into sparkling works of elegant art, designed to be worn.... whenever. Her creations are equally appropriate for T-shirts and jeans or a night on the town.

From the beginning, Deanna Kay, DK, set out to create jewelry that amuses and satisfies both the wearer and the beholder. Inspired by the basic geometries of the circle and the square, the romantic notions of the flower and the heart, and the celestial mystery of the sun and the moon, her stunning works are simply pleasing and add dimension to the everyday wardrobe and the commonplace world. dk FINDS is the kind of signature jewelry that becomes an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe, like a favorite handbag, scarf or scent.

Wearability is emphasized in each dk FINDS design. Her pieces are comfortable and appealing, classic and contemporary. The popular string tie or lariat necklace, which can be worn in a variety of ways depending upon mode of dress and occasion, is beautifully interpreted in dk FINDS’ white gold with diamond balls version.

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