Jewelry by Susan Helmich

Susan Helmich has immersed herself in fine art, goldsmithing, jewelry design and manufacturing since 1970. Her work, inspired by her emotions, is deeply influenced by her early years in Los Angeles, her life in Colorado and her extensive travels.

Her "Angels With Attitude" collection was born out of a series of heart-rending and tragic experiences and circumstances associated with cancer. In answer to a friend’s special request and the death of her mother, Susan Helmich designed her first angel pin, which she called "Jimmy’s Angel" for her friend who also succumbed to the disease.

In the months after Susan Helmich’s profound losses, her "Angels With Attitude" collection took shape. Inspired by her mother’s valiant battle against the disease, she designed a pin named "Perseverance." Next came designs expressing a variety of moods and emotions -- and her "angels" were named Jubilant, Harmony, Gregarious, Stubborn and Courage. Her last angel is "Caregiver," a design intended to resemble flowing water in honor of the steady stream of tenderness, respect and love supplied by caregivers to those in need.

Susan Helmich’s Angels With Attitude collection is delicately crafted in 14k and 18k gold, 18k vermeil and sterling silver, and embellished with diamonds. They are somewhat abstract in form, leaving the wearer free to associate his or her own emotions with each distinctive pin. 

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