Jewelry by Hilary Beane

At first glance, Hilary Beane's jewelry collections may be mistaken for art. Whimsical, jocular with a sly sophistication reminiscent of paintings by Joan Miró, her designs are sometimes childlike yet have an entirely elegant character. In fact, Hilary Beane has always derived great inspiration from contemporary art and sculpture. It was in recent years that her outlook on life and her life's work was irrevocably changed by a brush with mortality. Now, as a cancer survivor, her work is imbued with less seriousness and more appreciation for the exquisite forms, textures and sparkling life of South Sea pearls and precious stones.

Widely regarded as a unique and innovative jewelry artist since 1983, her initial designs were crafted of glass stone inlays with brass ornamentation and papier maché settings. Moving on to the creation of her own silver castings and inventive stone cutting, she eventually developed her own resins that mimicked the peculiar light refraction of antique glass. By 1990, Hilary Beane found herself drawn back to working with papier maché, but with a significant difference. She was now inlaying pearls and precious stones.

Hilary Beane's current collections reflect her new found lease on life with designs that are radical, yet executed in traditional materials such as Tahitian South Sea pearls. Her signature inlaying techniques has evolved into an entirely unexpected, yet delightful form--large pearls studded with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. The pleasing results are pieces of truly unique and distinctive character.

Hilary Beane's jewelry designs have always attracted attention, now more than ever. And you'll attract attention when you wear one of her designs. Her pieces have graced the covers of Vogue Italia, Rolling Stone and People, and have appeared in the pages of Vogue, Connoisseur, Glamour and Elle. 

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