Jewelry by Hiroko

Jewelry by HirokoBorn in Japan, Hiroko began her career as a designer of fine jewelry only after earning her law degree at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. Having studied jewelry art as a hobby, she dedicated herself to her newfound calling after receiving an award in the International Japan Jewelry Art Exhibition. Given her earlier academic discipline, it would not be all that surprising if her sense of design leaned towards the pragmatic. But most of the time it doesn’t.

Inspired by architectural shapes and forms, Hiroko’s designs echo her conviction that "truth is simplicity." Using elegant combinations of gold, platinum and a variety of gemstones, her contemporary designs have a bold, sophisticated appeal. Her work is both fabricated and cast, but always impeccably crafted and finely finished. They are jewelry designs that spring from spontaneity, yet retain a semblance of an ordered system.

Her designs are regarded by both her peers and the fine art world as true objects of art. Since moving to New York City in 1984, when she established Hiroko Designs, her work has been exhibited and showcased in many galleries and museums both in the USA and abroad.  

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