Jewelry by Cornelis Hollander

Jewelry by Cornelis HollanderCornelis Hollander’s passion for design and sculpture is evident in the graceful, yet energetic, forms of his signature work. Mixing elements of yellow and white gold, high quality gemstones, design innovation and a contemporary sense of style, his collections are distinctively dynamic. His use of hard-edged geometric shapes set in eloquent counterpoint to fluid forms result in highly attractive, trendsetting collections.

Cornelis Hollander was born and raised in the Netherlands and became a master jeweler at an early age. After studying art and jewelry design at the Vrije Academy in Den Haag, he continued to pursue his craft and further honed his skills in England and South Africa. Finally settling down in Scottsdale, Arizona where he lives and works today, Cornelis draws inspiration from the vast expanses of the American West and the ever-changing vistas and breathtaking colors and light of the desert.

Distinguished by superior Old World precision and craftsmanship coupled with his unique, futuristic styles, the designer is a true master of innovation, using precious metals in fluid shapes punctuated by inlaid and embedded gemstones to unexpected, but always attractive effect. In his most recent collections, space and light play off graceful architectural forms that seem to float. Each remarkable piece has an energy as if the designer has captured movement and frozen it forever.  

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