Jewelry Designers

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Jane Bohan Armed with her fine arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, Jane Bohan set up her design studio in New York City's artistically-inclined neighborhood of Soho in 1983. Since then, the career of this energetic talent has blossomed. Recognized by leading fashion magazines and prestigious stores, Jane Bohan has also won the admiration of her peers within her trade as a four-time winner of the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Award.

Jane Taylor Entranced with her grandmother’s jewelry since she was five years old, Jane Taylor got an early start in her career as a designer of fine jewelry. After attending Arts College in Baltimore, she spent 15 years honing her craft with many leading manufacturers. In 1994, she took the plunge and started her own business with her signature jewelry designs.

Jean Francois Albert Jean-Francois is truly one of the world's leaders in the design of fine jewelry. As the four-time winner of the prestigious De Beers Diamonds Today Award, three-time winner of the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Design Competition, Jean-Francois seems to have his finger on the pulse of jewelry design.

Jordan Schlanger His designs have been called intricately organic and gestural, bold and sleek, subtle and reductive. In fact, they are all of those things and more. Jordan Schlanger’s unique approach to precious metals and gemstones actually expands the possibilities of jewelry design and allows for a new aesthetic freedom that accommodates the needs and desires, moods and whims of the wearer.

Judith Jack The most distinctive quality in Judith Jack designs is their inventive use of marcasite. In combination with matched, hand knotted, fine Japanese faux pearls, sterling silver settings and beads, and semi precious stones such as amethyst, garnet and citrine. Judith Jack marcasite pieces have a quality that seems to complement any mood, time of day or mode of attire.

Leo De Vroomen  is the driving force behind De Vroomen Design. Born in Holland, he made his home in London in 1965. There he lectured in jewelry design at the Central School of Art for several years before setting up a studio/workshop with his English wife, Ginnie, also a jewelry designer. Joined by in-house designer Gisele Moore, this successful partnership resulted in the formation of De Vroomen Design in 1976. The company has expanded rapidly and gained an international reputation.

Lisa Jenks When asked to define her sterling silver jewelry, Lisa Jenks responds with two words: modern primitive. Using the skills she acquired along with a fashion degree from Parsons School of Design, Lisa takes influences from ancient cultures and gives them a modern twist - an appealing and inventive combination of sterling silver, pearls and semi-precious stones for the occasional splash of color and emphasis.

Magick After two decades of exploration and experimentation, Falcher Fasager and Susan Demski perfected a highly refined, multi-layered version of the ancient technique of cloisonné, creating magnificent gem-like hues. The technique, in which the artists develop the enamel as a gem separate from the gold, allows them to apply up to 10 layers of enamel. The result is not only wonderfully subtle shadings, but also great saturation of color.

Maija Neimanis An award-winning costume designer must have a thorough appreciation and knowledge of history. The craft requires research and lots of it. So when Maija Neimanis, costume designer in TV and films, turned her attention to the challenge of designing jewelry, she came into the field already armed with a background rich in historical detail and texture.

Mariquita Masterson Initially introduced in 1984, this stunning collection of Art Glass jewelry is a product of the designer's long-time fascination with the jewel-like colors of recycled glass. While working on a commission with a local glass blower, Houston artist Mariquita Masterson was inspired to create her distinctive jewelry designs by the inviting shards of glass littering the glass blower's studio.

Mark Schneider As a third generation jeweler, Mark Schneider has perfected his art. Working in precious metals and unusual semi-precious and precious gemstones, his award winning pieces are well known among his peers for their elegant simplicity and clean, fluid lines. His design philosophy is shared by other jewelry designers who develop entirely original collections. He regards the creation of each new piece as a work of wearable art.

Mastoloni For over 75 years, members of the Mastoloni family have worked together to become leading American importers of fine quality cultured pearls. Artists in the selection of high quality cultured pearls, the Mastoloni family designs and styles their jewelry creations with loving care. Their name, now recognized as exclusive producers of pearl creations, has become synonymous with the sheer elegance of these exquisite gems and a collection known as Miracle of the Sea by Mastoloni.

Michael Good Michael Good's collections include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in 18k gold or platinum, shaped by a unique process known as "anticlastic raising." Having spent a decade pioneering, evolving and perfecting the technique and his craftsmanship, the unusual fluidity of his designs have become his signature. Anticlastic raising involves laying a thin sheet of precious metal atop a specially manufactured, sinusoidal shaped anvil, and then hammering the metal into a three-dimensional shape. The variety of shapes achieved depends on the shape of the original sheet and the intuition of the artist.