Jewelry by Judith Jack

Jewelry by Judith JackThe most distinctive quality in Judith Jack designs is their inventive use of marcasite. In combination with matched, hand knotted, fine Japanese faux pearls, sterling silver settings and beads, and semi precious stones such as amethyst, garnet and citrine. Judith Jack marcasite pieces have a quality that seems to complement any mood, time of day or mode of attire.

Judith and Jack Rosenberg discovered the allure of marcasite over 30 years ago when they were involved with the sale of estate and antique jewelry to the trade. When the pieces, so different from the accepted styles of the day, proved so popular that they simply could not keep up with demand -- the Rosenbergs began creating replicas of the older styles primarily in sterling silver and marcasite. The success of their antique replicas led them to introduce more contemporary designs, as well as a line of jeweled belt buckles in 1994, and a collection of jeweled handbags in 1996.

Today, Judith Jack introduce five collections per year of pins, bangle bracelets, necklaces and earrings, in their signature marcasite and sterling silver, all set off against the hues of semi-precious stones and faux pearls. Current collections, still focused primarily on the innovative use of the best grade "A" quality marcasite and sterling silver, are designed to complement today’s lifestyle needs for casual, day and evening appropriate attire.

Marcasite, a natural mineral mined in South America, is a silver colored stone with a bright metallic luster that sparkles like small diamonds when cut with many small facets. Also known as iron pyrite or "Fool’s Gold," marcasite jewelry was found in Egyptian tombs, in Incan ruins, among the artifacts of ancient Greece and in North America during the Gold Rush of 1848. Pins and pendants made of thousands of tiny marcasite stones were immensely popular during both the Victorian and Art Deco eras.

Both distinctively different and highly attractive, a Judith Jack marcasite design will set you apart from the crowd.

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