Jewelry by Conni Mainne

Conni Mainne knew from junior high that she wanted to do something in the arts. Now a master of the art of jewelry making, she is quick to acknowledge the help received along the way. In particular, she credits her high school teacher and successful jewelry artist for inspiring her. Conni Mainne also credits the College of Marin for many of the skills she uses every day. And Conni credits the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco for her remarkable skills at stone setting, where she learned to hammer-set opals (one of her favorite stones) without turning them into raw materials for a child's sandbox.

Designing since the mid-1970s, Conni Mainne reminds us that there is a lot of magic in jewelry, and that is why it has been so important throughout the ages. In her view, intrinsic value is not the central point of design, but the meaning and symbolism that a piece of jewelry represents to its owner and wearer are most important to her. Conni Mainne does not consciously design her one-of-a-kind pieces for others as much as for herself, finding that if she makes what she likes, there will be other people who like it also.

High on Conni's list of what she likes are gemstones, innovative design and very high standards of craftsmanship. Conni Mainne takes a great deal of time and effort picking gemstones; so much so that she has been what you might call a stone fanatic. Among the stones in Conni's repertoire are stones she associates with feminine energy, blue chalcedony and blue moonstone, both of which have been called "goddess stones" by spiritualists.

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