Jewelry by Mariquita Masterson

Jewelry by Mariquita MastersonInitially introduced in 1984, this stunning collection of Art Glass jewelry is a product of the designer's long-time fascination with the jewel-like colors of recycled glass. While working on a commission with a local glass blower, Houston artist Mariquita Masterson was inspired to create her distinctive jewelry designs by the inviting shards of glass littering the glass blower's studio.

Mariquita Masterson's most famous commission is the Absolut Recycled necklace she created for Michel Roux, President of Carillon Importers, and featured in the popular vodka's international advertising campaign.

Today, working with glass masters and jewelers across the country, Mariquita Masterson's pieces are products of quality craftsmanship and unique styling. Her creative theory is centered on the notion that quality and elegance will never go out of style, and her highly versatile collection features delightful items that allow the wearer to address the adornment needs of any occasion-- from formal to casual.

Each Mariquita Masterson piece is original and 100% handmade. The Art Glass is not faux or faceted to imitate precious stones. Instead, the glass, melted down from a wide variety of colorful recycled bottles and other glass containers, is dripped or hand-slumped piece by unique piece. No forms or molds are used so no two pieces can ever be exactly alike.

All settings are true vermeil (gold plating over sterling silver) with the backings cut by hand to the precise shape of each glass piece-- which is set, not glued. The Mariquita Masterson spectrum of Art Glass includes several shades of green, brilliant aqua, sapphire, topaz, ruby, smoke, amethyst, black, white and crystal.

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