De Beers Millennium

For centuries diamonds have been given to commemorate engagements, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. De Beers, the most renowned diamond company in the world, has designed a Limited Edition diamond to honor the millennium. De Beers has picked only 10 sightholders to mark the diamonds that will be passed down from generation to generation for centuries and millenia to come. Each diamond will range in size from one to two carats and will possess a clarity of VS up to Internally Flawless. Each diamond is a round brilliant cut and polished to emphasize its fire and brilliance. On the table facet of every diamond will be a unique Millennium logo and the De Beers name. This image is both microscopic and transparent to the naked eye. To make the Millennium Diamond unique to each owner it will also be inscribed with a number ranging from 0001 to 2000 and the name of one of ten of the brightest stars in the universe. For example, Altair 1231.

This eternal gift will be in a case that is representative of the quality and style of a De Beers diamond. Inside each case will be a certificate with the De Beers limited edition number, a photo card featuring the De Beers logo, Millennium logo and a hologram. The reverse of the card shows the enlargement of the actual inscription unique to that stone.

Of the 20,000 diamonds that will be engraved with a unique 2000 logo and the De Beers name, a total of only 10,000 will be available in the United States.

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