Jewelry by Maija Neimanis

An award-winning costume designer must have a thorough appreciation and knowledge of history. The craft requires research and lots of it. So when Maija Neimanis, costume designer in TV and films, turned her attention to the challenge of designing jewelry, she came into the field already armed with a background rich in historical detail and texture.

Latvian-born, American educated, Maija Neimanis’ successful career as a costume designer spanned 20 years before she enrolled in the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York. There she learned jewelry-making and goldsmithing techniques more often associated with antique or historical jewelry—granulation, enameling, lapidary, chain weaving and other ancient methods of working 22k gold.

While a costume designer, Maija Neimanis had specialized in the Victorian era, reveling in the ornate complexity of the fashion, textiles and cuts. Her wealth of knowledge concerning Victorian style and multi-patterned ornamentation led her to investigate earlier historical ages—12th century Europe, Etruscan Italy, Hellenic Greece and Egypt of the Pharaohs. In addition to recreating many of the jewelry making techniques of bygone ages, her research into stonecutting guided her in her selection of the finest quality gemstones

Maija Neimanis is known today for her talent for the art of granulation, a painstaking technique in which tiny granules of pure gold are fused onto a gold surface in intricate patterns. Although she has only practiced granulation for several years, the results are stunning pieces, which feature delicate patterns in gold relief, studded with diamonds and gemstones.

Maija Neimanis’ work has the look of original historical pieces or the finest museum reproductions. She brings antiquity ‘s most beautiful treasures to life once again with her fresh and timeless interpretations of ancient styles.

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