Jewelry by Paul Robilotti

The influence of classical Roman and Greek architectural forms is evident in the structure of each exquisite item in a Paul Robilotti collection. The purity of line enhances rich detail that is also drawn from the classics. Etched columns, ornate cornices and intricate friezes are expertly represented in delicate balance to age-old geometries. Paul Robilotti creates architectural triumphs on a scale small enough to be worn.

The son of an architect, Paul Robilotti was always keenly aware of the complex relationship between form, structure, texture and detail. He enrolled in the Roberson Center of the Arts in Binghamton, New York at an early age. By the time Paul was in high school, he had already gained notice as a showcase designer with Keepsake Diamond, the national jewelry store. Continuing his studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, he worked to polish his craft and gained practical experience by working behind-the-scenes for many of Seventh Avenue’s most accomplished design houses.

Since founding his own company in 1988, Paul Robilotti has been recognized repeatedly for the quality and originality of his work in the Design of the Year Competition, the International Fine Jewelers Competition, and in the Modern Jewelers Buyers Choice Awards. In 1998, he was honored by DeBeers’ "Diamonds Today" Solitaire Competition and received Second Place in the Ponte D’Oro Design Competition.

Working primarily in 18k gold with precious and semi-precious stones, Paul’s work, although rooted in classical influences, also spans quite a number of artistically inspiring ages and includes men’s rings, cufflinks and studs in addition to tradition women’s pieces of necklaces and pendants, earrings and bracelets. His Renaissance collection, hand carved with intricate details, recalls the wealth and splendor of the age when art and ideas were awakened from the bleakness of the Dark Ages. His Edera collection, employing a delicate leaf pattern, captures the essence of romantic Florence in its heyday.

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