Jewelry by Gabrielle Sanchez

It's fairly obvious that Gabrielle Sanchez was born into an artistic family. Her sense of design reflects the artist's observant eye. Her ability to select the most delicately luminous pearls must come from an artist's true appreciation for the most subtle nuances of color, as well as the play of light on a subject. Her pieces are crafted from Biwa pearls - those irregular "little miracles," as she calls them, from a distant lake in Japan - and gold is used only as connective tissue, never for embellishment.

Her pieces have evolved directly from the natural essence of the material which she treats with the utmost respect. "Only a nature's whim dictates a pearl's eventual shape and color," she reflects. Biwa pearls are characterized by their inherent sculptural quality and Sanchez feels that they need no additional adornment. Accordingly, her philosophical and almost Zen-like approach to jewelry focuses on earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are pearls first, and jewelry second. In addition to Biwa pearls, Gabrielle Sanchez uses many other freshwater and South Sea pearls, accented with precious and semi-precious stones such as tourmalines and labradorites. Her designs are intended to work singularly, in pairs or grouped together; be neither too casual nor too dressy; and enhance the inner beauty of the wearer. Above all, Gabrielle Sanchez pearls are warm, personal and absolutely essential.

Her distinctive way with Biwa pearls has caught the editorial eye of the fashion press and her jewelry has been featured on the covers of Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and Modern Bride. And some of the most visible women in the world including Candice Bergen, Brooke Shields, Kim Basinger, Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Sarandon and Kathleen Turner have been seen adorned with Gabrielle Sanchez designs.

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