Jewelry by Jordan Schlanger

Jewelry by Jordan SchlangerHis designs have been called intricately organic and gestural, bold and sleek, subtle and reductive. In fact, they are all of those things and more. Jordan Schlanger’s unique approach to precious metals and gemstones actually expands the possibilities of jewelry design and allows for a new aesthetic freedom that accommodates the needs and desires, moods and whims of the wearer.

Born into an artistically inclined New York family (his father was a sculptor of note), Jordan Schlanger’s maturation into a designer of exceptional jewelry seems predestined. His training at Cooper Union resulted in a variety of creative expressions -- large sculpture installations, a collection of joined oak furniture and the creation of wearable works of art. The latter collection was presented in 1990 by Robert Lee Morris in his SoHo Gallery, Artwear, and led to Jordan Schlanger’s emergence as a celebrated jewelry designer.

Jordan Schlanger draws on his training in sculpture to design and produce exceptionally crafted fine jewelry that is meticulously engineered. His design sense is classically inspired by nature. His forms are fluid and natural and seem to possess a quality that is sensitive the wearer’s body, eye and spirit.

Indeed, the designer’s philosophy that design is a form of communication and that jewelry is the most permanent, personal and tactile form of design is eloquently evidenced in his collections. His Cascading Sprout collection, worked in sterling silver with pearls or in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, holds as much promise as each Spring’s new growth. Such gentle emotion is found in every remarkable design and concept realized by Jordan Schlanger.

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