Jewelry by William Schraft

Jewelry by William SchraftAmerican-designer William Schraft sketched automobiles from the moment he could hold a pencil. Realizing that this industry required a team effort and creativity, and expression was most often limited to one section of the whole product, he sought other areas of endeavor. Since his father was in the jewelry business, his search ended close to home. Jewelry design satisfied all his creative needs, suited his individuality, and satisfied his desire to control the production of an entire product.

While most of his creativity is self-generated, William Schraft studied with a number of German manufacturers in Pforzheim, Germany. William Schraft also attended the Parsons School of Design in New York. His unique jewelry designs have gained an international reputation for their high style, elegance and innovation. The current focus of his work is retro, blending a bold, contemporary design with a delicate, antique vintage detail, resulting in a fresh, original look.

A member of the newly formed American Jewelry Design Council, Schraft is generally considered to be one of the most original creative designers in the industry. This accolade was bestowed by his peers in recognition for the many international awards he has worn several times over, including the AGTA Spectrum Award, Diamonds of Distinction competition, Diamonds for Men competition, De Beers and Diamond Today awards.

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