Jewelry by Sholdt Design

Sholdt Design first opened their doors in 1935. Since that time, the business has grown and gained a reputation as the premier custom jeweler in the Seattle area. In 1987, Brian and Dustin Sholdt took over the business from their father. This marked the beginning of their commitment to a finely crafted line of jewelry that has had tremendous success in the marketplace and critical praise throughout the jewelry industry.

The company believes that sharing knowledge with one’s peers opens their world and affords them the opportunity to create new and fresh designs. Brian and Dustin own and manage their own production facility, which allows them the creative freedom to develop pieces with their jewelers. As questions of comfort, durability and aesthetics arise, the brothers are available to provide design decisions.

Being involved with an elite circle of designers has provided Sholdt Design with the expressive tools that separate their techniques and finished work from the crowd’s. Their design is characterized by a modern sense of style and architectural form, with the customer’s comfort in mind. The resulting pieces are both fashionable and traditional, and are destined to be treasured as heirlooms by future generations.

The AGTA Spectrum awards honored Sholdt Design in 1996 and 1997 with the Platinum Honors Award, and in 1997 with the Best of Show Award. The company was honored again in 1999 when it won the DeBeers Diamonds Today Right Hand Ring contest.

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