Angular Momentum Watch

Man has read time for centuries by following the progress of hands across the face of a clock. Prior to that, time was marked by water clocks, hour glasses and the shadow on a sun dial. With the launch of the Pioneer Collection, the Angular Momentum watch has introduced a spectacular and sensational new way of reading the time.

The Revolving-Disk-System (R.D.S.), developed by Angular Momentum Watch, is a true departure from convention. The traditional moving hour hand and fixed dial are replaced with a revolving disk and a fixed hand. The result is stunning–the wearer of an Angular Momentum watch is able to read and estimate the passage of time in a much easier and more precise manner.

Angular Momentum GmbH, a Swiss watch company, has coupled R.D.S. technology with elegance and a trim sporting look. The Pioneers, the company's first collection of watches, was inspired by four classic eras in watch history and pays homage to these milestones as the 20th century winds down.

The Neo-Classic line is reminiscent of the stark aesthetics and minimalism of Bauhaus design. The Tradition's clean lines follow the elegantly simple style of the classic gold man's wristwatch of the 1940s and feature the only Swiss automatic movement and mineral glass bottom of the collection. The Explorer's key features are its robust sport look and vitality as characterized by the '50s pursuit of scientific discovery. And the Retro, with its faceted mineral crystal, is a humorous reminder of the late '60s, bringing to mind the Moon Landing as well as Woodstock. Each Angular Momentum watch features Swiss automatic or Swiss quartz movement, R.D.S. technology, water resistance to a minimum of 100 ft., mineral crystal, full steel case and either a fine leather or steel bracelet.

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