Baume et Mercier Watch

In 1912, when William Baume met Paul Mercier (née Tchereditchenko), the son of a Czarist officer and the head of a well-known Geneva firm of watchmakers, one of the greatest collaborations of technology and design was born. Baume et Mercier Watch Bringing together the award-winning technologies and international presence of the fabled Baume et Mercier Watch Company with the artistic sensibilities and dynamism of Mercier’s engaging personality created a new standard in watchmaking craftsmanship and aesthetics. Already the proud recipient of numerous awards, by 1921 Baume et Mercier had been awarded the coveted Poinçon de Genéve, the highest honor given master watchmakers by the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

Over the years, Baume et Mercier has been responsible for some of the most innovative technological breakthroughs in the science of timekeeping. The development of the planetary rotor, a device which oscillates with the movements of the wrist to wind the watch and activate the mainspring, led to the production of the world’s flattest self-winding watch. But Baume et Mercier’s signature collection, the Riviera, is best known for its elegance and sophisticated looks. Still a best seller today, it’s 12-sided bezel and alternating satin-finish and polished link bracelet set it apart from the field when it was introduced in 1973. Other striking collections launched by Baume et Mercier include the stylish, water resistant Malibu Collection, the Hampton collection which balances tradition and modernity with retro charm and contemporary elegance; and the Linea collection, one of the most prestigious lines of jewelry bracelets for women.

The “phi” symbol, representing “the Golden Number” — a theory of proportion and balance, began appearing on the clasps and dials of each Baume et Mercier watch in 1964. Today, you will find it on every Baume et Mercier watch you consider, symbolizing the watchmaker’s fundamental values of expertise, the highest standards of workmanship, attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

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