Van Der Bauwede Watch

Maxence Van Der Bauwede is a private label watchmaker. Van Der Bauwede Watch Having been born into a family of jewelers and clockmakers, the design and manufacture of exclusive and complex prototypes of watches and his passion for it are, indeed, inborn. After all, the family business has been passed from father to son ever since 1890.

The Van Der Bauwede watch is a stunning achievement of technical mastery, stylish presentation and pure design. Van Der Bauwede watch collections are almost always produced by special order. The timepieces of Van Der Bauwede or VDB, as the watchmaking dynasty is often referred to, are largely the property of private collectors and individuals of stature.

To preserve his family's reputation for excellence and quality, Maxence makes only 100% Swiss made quartz and automatic watches, meticulously choosing the finest components that offer the highest level of precision performance and accuracy. Assembled by hand in the Van Der Bauwede Watch production workshop in Fleurier, Switzerland, each watch is subjected to the closest scrutiny and attention to detail. The signature Van Der Bauwede Watch coat of arms and the name of its creator is engraved on every timepiece. Bands, clasps, and cases are personalized for each Van Der Bauwede watch owner, a privilege that is never associated with a production timepiece.

Each Van Der Bauwede watch is unique in itself, yet the watchmaker offers six elegant collections of varying styles from dress to sport chronographs, all featuring tonneau cases, including a "mini" collection sized for women.

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