Vincent Calabrese Watch

There is no watchmaker quite like Vincent Calabrese. A Vincent Calabrese watch is an entirely new order - surprising in its function and unique design. Vincent Calabrese has been confounding the watch cognoscenti of the world with his outrageous inventions ever since he burst on the scene with a gold medal at the International Inventors Salon in Geneva in 1977.

Who would ever imagine that watch movements could and would be designed in the shapes of initials, animals, countries and even Japanese characters? Not only did Vincent Calabrese imagine it; he achieved it and used his accomplishment as a springboard to even more daring and inexplicable mechanisms.

He has developed multi-function watches that indicate day of week and month, week of month and year, and month of year in addition to indicating power reserve and, of course, time. He has explored new and entirely novel ways of displaying time with a design that features a numerical and analog wandering time display. He's even taken the standard dual time-zone watch, added a 24 hour indication dial at 10 o'clock and a minute reader display at 2 o'clock and staggered the second time zone by 30 minutes instead of an hour to accommodate such cities as Tehran and Bombay.

Aside from horological explorations, Vincent Calabrese watch designs are impressive for their simplicity and elegant detailing. The lug designs are fresh and distinctive with some models featuring pairs of tri-layered tabs and others singly lugged in a faintly "Deco" style. A Vincent Calabrese watch is the only watch with movements in 950 platinum. Vincent Calabrese takes the time to personally develop and manufacture every single part of his watches. 

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