Corum Watch

With a tradition of innovation that suggests a heritage that extends well past 1956, Corum Watch is a relatively young company among a host of centuries-old watchmakers. René Bannwart, along with his uncle and cousin Gaston and Simone Ries, set out to create a different kind of watchmaking enterprise. Featuring the highest standards of workmanship, coupled with extremely high levels of creative inspiration, the Corum watch is among the most original, inventive and unconventional timepiece available today.

One of the best known Corum watch models is the Admiral’s Cup, a 12-sided design with its hours marked by the International Maritime Code’s signaling flags for the numbers 1 through 12. More recently, the Corum Tabogan, named after the Algonquin Indian word for sled, toboggan, has raised eyebrows among watch connoisseurs.

With a stylish, rectangular design curved to fit comfortably on the wrist, the Tabogan’s watch case springs up into a vertical position, secured in place by a locking bezel, in order to become a small clock that can be set upright on a desk or bedside table. The Tabogan Collection is offered in a choice of quartz or mechanical movements with a wide variety of dial designs and cases in stainless steel or 18k yellow, rose or white gold.

The Corum attention to detail is regarded as one of the finest in the industry. According to the founder’s son, Jean-René Bannwart, perfection is achieved only after lengthy deliberation on everything—from the concept to the smallest of details.

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