Dubey and Schaldenbrand Watch

In 1946 at the end of WWII, Europe and its industry faced a long road of recovery including the watchmaking industry of Switzerland. It was, however, a period of great creativity that nurtured the dreams of George Dubey, a professor at the watchmaking school of La Chaux de Fonds as he set out to develop an inexpensive, but highly reliable “rattrapante” chronograph. Dubey and Schaldenbrand Carre Cambre His patented “Index Mobile” featured a recoil spring located between the dial and the crystal which allowed a calculation of elapsed time up to 58 seconds by pressure on a pusher located in the crown. His invention brought Dubey worldwide recognition and a partner, Rene Schaldenbrand.

The revival of the Dubey and Schaldenbrand watch began when Cinette Robert, President of the company, opened the vault which contained her collection of vintage watch movements and recased them according to the era in which they were first created, thus establishing a highly coveted series of limited edition timepieces. With the success of these rare collections, Mrs. Robert launched the new collections based upon modern automatic movements, but centered on the quality mandates established by the company’s founders.

“The Dubey and Schaldenbrand watch exclusively uses 100% Swiss-made parts... The components are only of the highest quality including case materials. The stainless steel is reference 316L (or surgical steel). The gold is 18k rose and the titanium content in the Aerodyn PVD is optimized. The hands are skeletonized and then filled with tritium to enhance readability. The exclusive Dubey and Schaldenbrand Watch dials come from only the finest craftsmen, in some cases requiring more than 65 operations in preparation. Each movement, whether modern or vintage, has been meticulously assembled and controlled by Master watchmakers and then hand engraved by Swiss craftsmen...”

Available today in outstanding replicas and limited editions of their original designs, the Dubey and Schaldenbrand watch collections are known for their distinctive styling and unique case designs. The Carre Cambre collection features a “not exactly square and not exactly round” case that has the soft, plush profile of a cushion. The Aerodyn Collection, which includes a variety of both vintage and contemporary designs, features a familiar tonneau case style with distinctive dial and numbering. The round-cased Classic Collection has a distinctive feature that adjusts the day, date and month by turning the bezel.

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