Fortis Watch

Fortis Watch Imagine a watch so expertly designed that it is tested in space on the wrists of Russian cosmonauts. This watch would have to feature uncompromising performance under extremes in terms of temperature, gravitational forces and radiation. It would have to be easy to read, reliable and durable. It would have to be Fortis watch.

Developed in cooperation with the Russian space program, each cosmonaut-in-training at Star City has received a Fortis watch since 1994. The watches have been to space over and over again. They've stayed for months on the space station, dutifully telling time and waking slumbering cosmonauts with their integrated mechanical alarms. Rapidly becoming a space program fixture, Fortis is involved with the International Space Station, too. The 20-ton service module that was blasted into space in mid-summer 2000 carried the pre-installed hardware for the Global Transmission Services project (GTS), a new radio signal that will synchronize a new generation of world time watches with UTC (formerly Greenwich Mean Time).

The collection includes the Spacematic Alarm and five "Official Cosmonauts" models that feature mechanical movements with automatic winding and either the Fortis Caliber F2001 (integrated mechanical alarm), the Valjoux caliber 7750 or the ETA caliber 2836-2. All are multi-functional with cases of micro-sanded steel and black dials with tritium-coated hands and markers.

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