Glycine Watch

More than 75 years of experience and tradition have gone into the fine art of a Glycine watch. Largely unchanged over the years, the Glycine watch is recognized as precious heirlooms that are passed on from generation to generation. Glycine introduced self-winding watches in 1948, making them one of the first brands to offer automatic movements. Each Glycine watch is handcrafted by artists and mechanical craftsmen without the aid of mass production techniques.

The latest Glycine watch, the legendary Airman 2000, made its debut in 1953 and is a favorite of pilots, travelers and collectors alike. These watches are known for their easy to read dials and ability to measure time in up to three time zones concurrently. The Airman 2000 comes in a variety of styles including an exclusive numbered edition that features the names of 22 world cities on the bezel, a two-tone dial to reproduce day and night rhythm, and an hour hand that makes only one turn of the dial in a 24 hour period.

Other Glycine watch collections, such as the Incursore and the KMU 48, are famous for their use in historic military applications. The Incursore, Italian for “Intruder,” is named in honor of an elite corps of Italian WWII combat swimmers known for their intense training and dangerous missions. The KMU 48 (a German acronym for War and Marine Watch) is housed in a massive 48mm diameter case designed to be highly readable by military divers in low-light conditions. 

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