Menotti Watch

The Menotti watch offers discriminating consumers a variety of distinctive collections, all named for historic structures, events, persons or locales. Designed according to the Franchi Menotti tradition, each model is created to reflect the personality of its owner.

The Menotti watch collection, named for an imposing fortified structure erected in the sixteenth century, exudes elegance and sportiness, while featuring automatic and underwater chronographs. To enhance its prestige, it is produced in numbered editions.The Sciabecco collection offers quartz and underwater chronographs. This series, named for the 17th century fast-sailing pirate ships, is understandably suited to those who love the adventure of the sea and travel. Alacron was an Apulian Marquis who defended coastal towers in 1530, so this series was created to satisfy the special demands of the Armed Forces, offering perfect legibility, strength and convenience.The Cap-Martin collection features quartz models for men and women, named for a breathtakingly beautiful area of Cote d' Azur. The sporty and original designs place these Menotti Watch models on the cutting edge of the sports watch sector.

Each collection of Franchi Menotti offers models in several versions with different watch faces, to allow everyone to select the watch that best represents his or her personality. 

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