Pacardt Watch

If ever there was a manly watch, Pacardt is it. This ruggedly handsome German line of wristwatches and chronographs features mechanical excellence, durable fabrication and meticulous design. Such quality in craftsmanship can only compare to the finest of Swiss traditions in watch making.

What makes a Pacardt watch different in the eyes (and on the wrist) of their appreciative owners are the decidedly masculine details of form and also of function. On many of the models, the casebacks are transparent, as if to invite admiration of the "inner values" of these timepieces. The proportions of each model are generous. Their weight has a certain heft. And their looks are sheer macho.

These timepieces feature black or anthracite dials with no-nonsense numerals and luminous hands. Bands are calfskin, "trophy" leather or steel link bracelets with folding clasps. Multi-function models include the Tomcat GMT, the Flying Fortress and the Stratofortress.

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