Auguste Reymond Watch

Auguste Reymond For a century, the Auguste Reymond watch has been keeping time for thousands of people. Through wars, fashion trends, conflicts, and history they have stood the test of time to become recognized as watches of the highest Swiss quality throughout the world. Every Auguste Reymond watch is still assembled today by hand in Tramelan, high in the Jura Mountains. All of these watches are animated solely by mechanical movements, without any batteries or electronic parts.

Therefore, an Auguste Reymond watch depends on the wearer’s energy either by winding it (for the hand-winding types) or by merely wearing it (for the self-winding types). That also means that the watch will still be repairable fifty years from now just as it is today, which makes it a real possibility for the watch to become a family heirloom. An Auguste Reymond watch will please its owners for years with the intriguing complexity of their inner workings as well as the beauty of their design, just as they have for a century. 

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