RGM Watch

RGM watch creator, Roland G. Murphy, went to Switzerland to train as a watchmaker. When he returned to the U.S., he went to work for a reputable watch company in product development until he decided to create his own watch line. Since its inception in 1991, RGM has maintained high quality standards and a small production, so that every RGM watch is exclusive and destined to be collector’s item.

Every RGM watch is designed by Roland Murphy, who has two watchmakers to assist him in assembly and service. Components are manufactured in Switzerland according to Murphy’s exacting design and quality standards. The result of this care and attention are objects of beauty that are technically innovative and skillfully crafted in limited editions.

Most designs in the RGM watch collection range between 25 and 50 pieces. Each is made of 18K yellow or rose gold, or stainless steel and has a hand-finished precious metal case, an engine-turned dial and blued-steel hands. When each RGM watch is completed, it is individually numbered and signed with the RGM markings of uncompromising quality and elegant styling. 

Watch Brands
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