Preziuso Watches

Antoine Preziuso Watches

Preziuso watchesAntoine Preziuso, like Mozart, was a prodigy at an early age. By seven he had constructed his first timepiece. He finished top of his class at the Ecole Horlogère of Geneva and went on to work for the most prestigious names in Geneva's Haut de Gamme. But a maverick and an innovator at heart, he went on to master the art of large, mechanical complications on his own. As a tribute to the master craftsman of the past, his designs and mechanisms echo the best of their work. But the aesthetic quality of his watches are purely his own, and have won him the coveted Poincon de Geneve. He has not rested on his laurels but continues to build a reputation for excellence and quality in fine watch craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship of Preziuso Watches

One must understand the basics before going off on a tangent, and Preziuso follows that example. No matter how innovative his designs are, or how individual and breathtaking, they above all satisfy their purpose admirably. His watches while, by turns, stunning or outlandishly avant garde -- are strong, accurate, and reliable. With water-resistant cases fashioned expertly in steel and gold, bracelets of durable steel and straps of hefty crocodile skin, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and high quality Swiss movements, Preziuso uses the best of materials to enhance the best of his watches designed and constructed with the best of his skill.

Distinctive Styling of Preziuso Watches

Preziuso has a style for every taste, including his own. His Hours of Love Collection--with its gleaming gold link bracelets, subtly enameled dial faces enthroned in polished and engraved bezels, and richly evocative, genuine crocodile straps--is a paean to elegant and sophisticated romance. The Commedia Dell'Arte collection, with its artistic bas relief cases, gorgeously crafted leather straps and transparent backs, reflects the theatrical delights of the Italian theatre. The Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar with its buff gold finish, and its three sub dials reflecting the inner workings of 400 separate parts, attests to the finesse of Preziuso's craft, befitting the famous Geneva Cabinotiers. The stylish indulgence of the Traveller Tourbillon is a fantasy of ancient clock making, in that form and function share the same space on its matte silver dial, replete with gears and wheels that make the wearer remember exactly why a watch exists: to mark time. Preziuso has created his other watch masterpieces, the Elegance, Tourbillon, and Pret-A-Porter, with the same artist's eye. Marching to his own drummer, he continues to indulge in the watchmaker's passionate obsession with time.

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