Aviatex Watches

The Indestructible Aviatex Watch

Aviatex watchesAviatex is a standout in the world of watchmaking not only for its superior Swiss origins, but for having mastered the manufacturing techniques for an alloy which has the reputation of being impossible to machine. Their limited edition watches are highly sought after for their superior workmanship and almost indestructible dependability.

Craftsmanship of Aviatex Watches

Rocket Ariane and jet fighter engines are produced of the same super steel alloy as Aviatex watches. That should tell you something. The alloy's exceptional hardness, seven times that of stainless steel, is not only highly scratch-resistant but also corrosion-free. The "heart" of each Aviatex watch is hardened to prevent deterioration by a special vacuum tempering process. In addition, a watchcase with a screw-in case back makes for undeformable housing. As a last touch, every Aviatex comes with a deployment buckle that has a double safety-clasp. water resistance to 200 meters.

The Technology of Aviatex Watches

Inspired by no less than the portholes of nuclear submarines, the technology behind the Aviatex watch is splendid. The sapphire crystal watch face, scratch-resistant to begin with, is embedded and compressed between two watertight joints that act as shock absorbers. All Aviatex watches are fitted with ultra-resistant mechanical movement Valjoux 7750, or high-precision quartz. The tachymeter integrated in the dial permits calculation in km/h of the speed of an object over a certain distance. All Aviatex chronograph watches come with screw-down push buttons to guarantee water resistance to 200 meters.

Characteristics of Aviatex Watches

Aviatex's product has emerged out of the field of high-end metal refinement, once reserved for the military elite but now available to the public. The Aviatex Military Professional Chronograph with its matte-finished casing and notched bezel has a high-contrast red dial that ensures high visibility. The Aviatex Professional Chronograph and Technology Chronograph are two further examples of the highly evolved, sophisticated manufacturing and styling that make Aviatex top in its field.

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