Bonneville Watches

Bonneville Watches are Built for Speed

Bonneville watchesExceed your personal best is the motto of Bonneville Watches. The company derives its name from the salt flats in the western United States where dreamers and visionaries come to test the capabilities of their speed machines by pushing them to their absolute limits. This same need to exceed inspires the designers and craftsmen at Bonneville Watches and invests them with a passion to surpass boundaries and leap ahead at warp speed into the future of watch production. Their timepieces are stripped down to the essentials so nothing superfluous distracts from their functionality. What is left is a breathtaking purity of design that leaves the commonplace in the dust. The Bonneville watch seems to vibrate with life. True to the spirit of American individualism, Bonneville breaks new ground, meets the challenges of the future, and sets new standards of achievement.

The Swiss Craftsmanship and American Design of Bonneville Watches

The Bonneville watch is Swiss made and constructed of solid stainless steel. In its distinctive embossed case, it has an automatic mechanical chronograph movement. Water resistant to 50 meters, Bonneville watches have multi-colored dials, brilliantly polished or burnished steel bracelets, and handsomely sturdy bands made of genuine sharkskin or crocodile in a variety of rich colors. On both the bracelet and the band there is a hidden deployment clasp. In some models the case is of one piece and the bezel and strap lugs are of another and they are brought together in a modular design for the ultimate in water and dust resistance. The mechanism comes with either a protective, scratch-resistant mineral glass or a superior sapphire crystal.

Distinctive Styling of Bonneville Watches

Bonneville's signature watch is the Bonneville 12.4.8. It is a Swiss made mechanized chronograph with a case sculpted of stainless steel in a modular design, with a motion ring encircling the dial under a sapphire crystal. A twist of the wrist winds the automatic mechanical movement. The bracelet is designed in the Bonneville flying wing arched-back pattern dramatizing speed and sleekness. The band is crocodile and features the Circle B logo embossed on the buckle and a deployment clasp for a secure, comfortable fit. The motion rings come in gun blue, silver, and white. The dial faces come in white, black, pink gold, and silver. Some come with steel backs and others with glass backs allowing the gears to be observed. Bonneville's Gearbox Watch has a curved case that emulates the flowing fender lines of the great coach-built automobiles of the 1950s. A mirror- finished dial features polished Arabic numerals. A quartz movement, champagne-tinted dials dominated by the striking Circle B logo, and shark skin bands in blue, gray, black or Bordeaux colors complete this distinctive watch. 

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