Mondaine Watches

Mondaine watches

Erwin Berheim and Mondaine Watches

Based in Zurich, Mondaine Watch Ltd. has been garnering respect from the watchmaking industry for the last fifty years for its beautiful and accurate water resistant Swiss-made watches fashioned from environmentally recycled scrap metal. Though Zurich is not known as a city for watches, Mondaine founder Erwin Berheim realized the strategic and geographic advantage it gave his singular company to grow and develop outside the pressures and hothouse atmosphere of Switzerland's more traditional "watch cities." Dedicated to the ecology conscious company philosophy, Mondaine's designers and craftsmen have nevertheless produced a wealth of variety in their many watch collections that can rival the collections created by other prestigious watch companies of Switzerland. Mondaine is known for creating classic modern designs that bring the Bauhaus tradition to timekeeping.

Innovative Craftsmanship of Mondaine Watches

Mondaine's motto is "Always Ahead of Time," and the company takes it literally. The company is a pioneer in digital watch making, and has created solar quartz watches with both analog and digital display. It has also developed a new construction for water resistance done with shaped glass, which before could be done only with round. Mondaine has also won environmental and ecological prizes for its line of watches made of 100 percent post-consumer recyclable metal. All watches have Swiss workings, are water resistant, and come protected with mineral glass.

Distinctive Styling of Mondaine Watches

Mondaine lacks nothing for imagination. Its watch styles cover a wide range. Its specialty timepieces commemorate the great movers and shakers of the world like Walter Gropius, founder of Germany's Bauhaus and Louis Sullivan, founder of modern architecture. Its most famous creation, the Official Swiss Railway Watch, was inspired by Hans Hilfiker's world-famous clock design for the Swiss Federal Railway. Mondaine's powerful and intricate chronographs run the gamut from the highly technical tool to the basically well-equipped and long-lasting precision timepiece. In addition, Mondaine produces a fine line of both men's and women's watches for various distinctive tastes and price ranges, replete with matte and burnished case finishes, beautiful dial faces with lovely appointments, hand-tooled leather bands, and supple but strong stainless steel bracelets. Mondaine is Swiss watchmaking at its best.

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