Roamer Watches

Roamer watches

Roamer Watches of Switzerland

In 1888, Fritz Meyer opened the company that would eventually become the world-famous Roamer of Switzerland. By 1923, the company was turning out one million watches a year. Its Anfibio line of rugged water resistant watches alone helped to distinguish Roamer as a traditional company that successfully made the transition to the modern age. It endured and thrived during the quartz revolution in the 70s and 80s, and to this day is a major player in the world watch marketplace.

Craftsmanship of Roamer Watches

Master craftsmanship is naturally the hallmark of Swiss watchmaking, and Roamer of Switzerland is no exception. Producing watches both for men and for women, creating different styles from an analog digital sports watches to highly sophisticated chronograph watches, Roamer has the market covered with the sheer variety and versatility of its watches. Water resistant stainless steel casings and mineral scratch-resistant crystals are a hallmark of all their designs. The watches come with quartz movements as well as automatic movements. Its casings come in a variety of styles, both traditional and contemporary, while its unusual and unique bands and bracelets are fashioned in everything from rubber, Velcro, and leather to stainless steel and brass.

Design of Roamer Watches

From the sleek and urbane to the wild and sporty, Roamer has a watch for every taste, all doing double duty as a precision functioning tool and a handsome piece of jewelry. Some, like their analog digital sports watch, come with stopwatch, alarm, military time and date. Most come with luminescent indices, as well as luminous arms and appointments. Gold and silver finishes, matte and polished textures, dial faces in subtle shades and hues, and casings in a variety of aesthetic shapes define the Roamer canon of watch styles.

Distinct Style of Roamer Watches

Roamer's hallmark Power 8 Collection is its finest achievement, and puts out a line that includes sports watches, diver's watches, chronographs, and the Convex Super Slender watch that features a sleek casing that is curved to comfortably fit the wrist. Roamer's line of women's watches features the Convex Super Slender design quite prominently in its styling. The Roamer Women's Dreamline 2 gold-plated watches with their tastefully appointed bracelets and subtly textured dials are an elegant addition to the Roamer collection.

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