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Cornet watchesWatches by Roger Cornet

The history of watchmaking has been the history of gifted inventors like Breguet, Perrelet, and more recently Roger Cornet, a self-taught inventor who has created watch mechanisms that have advanced the art of horology. Roger Cornet began his career in radiological devices and precision mechanics, designing electro-mechanical devices for aircraft and spacecraft. After retirement at the age of seventy-seven, Cornet began to design table clocks, inventing the world's first on line escapement visible on a clock dial. Variations of this innovative aligned visible movement are Roger Cornet's watchmaking signature.

Watchmaking Achievements of Roger Cornet

In 1997, at the age of 88, Cornet created the first watch with a visible escapement above the dial. This unique watch was named Versailles, where Cornet lives, not far from the Sun King's palace. In 1998, he launched a second innovative model, the Trianon, manufactured by Swiss watchmaker Frederic Piguet. The Trianon presents Roger Cornet's signature visible movement in a slimmer, smaller case thanks to the incorporation of Frederic Piguet's state-of-the-art slim automatic movement with 72-hour power reserve. The design of the Tri-anon, like Versailles before it, makes the heart of the movement visible, beating on the face of the watch. The balance wheel performs 21,600 alternations per hour. "All my creations are inspired by the Fleur de Lis, which is the symbol for royalty in France," Cornet explains. "The Versailles collection was inspired by the ancient workshops of horology at the Château which have disappeared by now. Trianon was a part of the Château of Versailles, where the king received his guests."

Characteristics of Cornet Watches

The Trianon's mechanical movement is an double-barrel automatic with the on line escapement visible on the dial. The Trianon is water resistant to 5 ATM. Trianon is available in 18 karat yellow gold and pink gold as well as modern steel. To enhance the escapement, Roger Cornet has chosen a white dial with a sapphire crystal. Straps are handsewn crocodile or ostrich.

With its watchcase, smaller in thickness and in diameter, the Trianon watch is suitable both for men's and women's wrists: the diameter is 36mm, and the thickness is 9.70mm. The handmade Versailles has a unique automatic mechanical movement equipped with a platinum microrotor and an on line escapement visible on the dial. It has a 40-hour working autonomy and is water resistant to 3 ATM. Roger Cornet made only 25 exclusive models of the Versailles, which are highly sought by collectors who understand this watch's role in the history of timekeeping.

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